Healthy on the Go

Tina is headed to Tampa, Florida for a Functional Medicine conference, and has been planning what to bring in the way of dinner while flying/waiting in airports, as well as snacks for the rest of her stay.  That got her thinking about how hard it is to eat healthy while on the run.  Many of us travel for work, or to see family, or simply live busy lives.  When rushed, it’s best to be prepared!  Here are Tina’s picks for eating healthy on the go:

-Udi’s Gluten Free Chia bread turkey sandwich with spinach and mustard.  Tina prefers Applegate turkey, which is free of preservatives and antibiotics.

Chia Bread

-Raw carrots, celery, sweet mini peppers and cauliflower.

3 Peppers

Thanks heaven for tupperware!

Thank heaven for Tupperware!

-Toasted almonds.

5 Almonds

(We didn’t get a picture of this but you can imagine, we’re sure.)

-And for that sweet tooth she’s included an Apple Pie Bonk Breaker.

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

-Easy to prepare and very travel-friendly are these Fit Food packets: a pea-protein powder that can be mixed with water or almond milk.  This is perfect for breakfast in the hotel room after a morning run.

9 Fit Food

-It’s a good idea to have back-up snacks like Bonk Breakers and extra fruit in your room so you’re not tempted by things like Stephanie’s favorite airport restaurant, Pizza Hut Express.  Instead, try making up a snack mix like this, including pretzels, almonds and organic dried cranberries.

7 Snack Mix

-And don’t forget, always drink plenty of water while traveling to stay hydrated.  Right now, we’re hooked on this MetroMint OrangeMint Water.  It’s got a nice refreshing kick to it that will wake you up.

8 Water

Remember, don’t let yourself get hungry while away from home, lest you give in to temptation.  There’s no shame in pulling veggies out of your purse or tucking Fit Food into your briefcase.  Enjoy your travels, but don’t forget to take care of yourself!