About Tina Shiver

Tina started her career with a Bachelor’s in Marketing.  Thirty years ago she had no idea that she would end up giving advice on nutrition for a living!  She was raised to love cooking, a quality her grandmother instilled in her mother.  Even as a young girl Tina would spend plenty of time in the kitchen with her mom, most often defending their newest baked treat from her two older brothers.

During college, Tina became a vegetarian: a path that lead her to seek more healthy food choices.  Tina found out early on, though, that “healthier” meant tempura fried vegetables and bland tofu.  As a young woman already with a history of being an athlete, Tina began to experiment with different methods of fueling her body, this time with recreational running in mind.  Increasingly, friends and family asked Tina for advice on how to eat, seeing how successfully she was managing her own health.

She has experimented with many forms of nutrition plans, from when it was hip to be a vegan (isn’t it still?) to the Fit for Life mania.  Ultimately, though, her love for learning about nutrition led her to a Master’s in the subject from James Madison University, and then to her first job at Chippenham Sports Medicine Center as an outpatient dietitian.  Now her blend of personal experience in what (and exactly what NOT) to do lends itself to her methods of nutritional counseling.

She’s been called a health nut for most of her life, made worse by her love for triathlons, running, cycling, swimming, horseback riding, yoga, and- you guessed it- cooking!  Consistently guilty of being the one in the group pleading to choose the restaurant that offers fresh vegetables, Tina has found that once your body is rid of sugar, fat and salt, there is no desire to turn back.  The truth is that you can get pretty well hooked on clean, healthy eating.

With the creation of this blog, Tina hopes to make healthy eating more accessible to those who don’t know where to start.  Armed with her assistant Stephanie (and Stephanie’s more-than-willing-to-try-everything-Tina-makes boyfriend), she will make from scratch, photograph and sample each recipe.  You can rest assured that each delicious dish featured here it tried and true.

9 thoughts on “About Tina Shiver

      • Hello Liz and Stephanie,
        Nice to see your teamwork in the athletic world. I have been a lifetime health nut too and with my plant-based platform, I have stepped up to a veg nut. Feels really good to know that what we eat is fueling our body and not harming it as we see so often in our country of excess and poor diets.
        I will plan to see you around as I get my blog up and in full speed.

      • Hi Rhonda,
        Yes, it is always good to fuel your body with clean food…so agree, I recovered from my last Aquabike Ironman well because of the way I eat! Thanks for following

      • Hi Rhonda,
        Let me know when your blog is up and running. I really enjoy working with athletes. I have some athletes that are vegan, vegetarian or just a mixed bag! Glad you are feeling well as you train and fuel yourself with clean food! Thank you so much for the follow,
        Tina Shiver RD

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