What We Do

Welcome to the Lighten Up, Inc. blog!


LogoWe are based in Richmond, Virginia and are comprised of Tina Shiver, Registered Dietitian.  Tina has become a staple of the wellness community in Richmond both through her business and her involvement with the community.  At the office her clients range from Iron Men to those simply looking to start up a healthier lifestyle at any age; the rest of the time you can find her training for her next triathlon.

Here Tina will record her findings in the way of cooking.  Today in this country eating well is a battle, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.  Not only does Tina create meal plans for her clients, but she also recommends delicious recipes: healthy alternatives to the meals you love.  Here you will find a compilation of these tasty experiments, complete with pictures, instructions and recommendations.  Gluten-free?  We’ve gotcha.  Watching your weight?  No problem.  Vegan?  Look no further.

If you ever have any requests, email us at LightenUpRichmond[at]gmail[dot]com!  We’d love to figure out a better way to feed your family and fuel your life.

Enjoy being well!

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