A Tasty Alternative to a Thanksgiving Favorite

Here we are… middle of November.  If you’re like us, you’re feeling stressed about wanting to enjoy eating healthy this Thanksgiving, but dread having to ask your Aunt Sue to make something special for you (or worse, bring your own food after your sister-in-law did all that work cooking!).  A client told us today that when her brother asks her what she needs him to make for her, she replies “Nothing special, just take mine out and call it done before you add anything to it.”  While this is a good way to make sure you’re not eating things you’ll regret (you can keep the candy on the candied yams, thank you!), there are other options for making dishes the whole family will enjoy.

And so here is Tina’s nutritious Chicken Pot Pie!  Aunt Sue won’t even realize this isn’t chock-full of cheesy-salty-make-you-fall-asleep-right-after-dinner goodness.  This dish winds up with tender, savory chicken, sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth, green beans for a little crunch, and is topped with a delightfully textured crust to tie it all together.  The filling of the pie is true to the kind you grew up with, thick and flavorful, but with a kick at the end.  Using a variety of flours gives the meal a more full-bodied texture.

Tina started with a cooked chicken made in the dutch oven:


Chicken Pot Pie

Healthy style!

This dish reminds Stephanie a little more of her favorite Thanksgiving treat: green bean casserole! The crunchy texture of the crust is the star of this dish.


1 tablespoon olive oil
½ vidalia sweet onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, chopped
4 celery stalks, chopped
1 leek, sliced then chopped
4 kale leaves, sliced very thin
2 cups French-style green beans
1 cup roasted chicken (used leftover from cooked chicken in dutch oven)
½ sweet potato  chopped


2 ¼ cup chicken stock
3 tbsp white miso
½ cup water
2 tsp arrowroot
1/3 cup soaked cashews


1/3  cup sorghum flour
1/3  cup amaranth flour
1 cup almond flour
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tablespoons coconut oil
¼ cup water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix together flours and salt in a bowl.  Add the olive oil and coconut oil and mix with hands.  Then add enough water to make dough that almost holds together.

Put in refrigerator until vegetables are ready.

Prepare a sauté pan with olive oil and add chopped garlic, leek and onion.  Cook until tender then add celery, green beans, and kale and continue to sauté.  Meanwhile, in a blender or a food processor, add the sauce ingredients and blend.  Turn heat off of the vegetables and add the sauce.  Add sweet potato.  Add this to a pie pan.

Crumble flour mix on top.

Bake for 25-20 minutes until brown and bubbly, then eat up!

We may or may not be sitting here enjoying this as we write this post.

Dig in and enjoy!

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